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Hotelchamp Product Release Notes
Hotelchamp Product Release Notes
An overview of product improvements, maintenance and feature releases for the Hotelchamp platform.
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The Hotelchamp team is continuously improving the Hotelchamp platform and here you can see information documenting significant product releases. Some minor bug fixes or regular maintenance may not be mentioned in the notes.

If you have any feedback or feature requests, click here to share them with us.

30 April 2023

✨ New feature: Metasearch reports in the platform

For Hotelchamp Metasearch customers, “Metasearch Analytics” is added to the platform, under the "Data & Insights" group. The dashboard includes:

  • Performance details for the selected date range

  • Overtime performance for clicks, cost and revenue for the selected date range

  • Market breakdown for CTR, CVR, CPC and CPR (for markets with ad impressions higher than 100) for the selected date range

  • Last 12-months performance overview

  • Last 3-months performance overview

  • Performance details for each active placement per month (for the last 12 months)

🛠 Updated feature: Lead generation with Saved Search Interactions

The Saved Search Interaction now includes a permission/consent checkbox. If the Saved Search Interaction has the consent checkbox included and the website visitor checks it, a lead will be generated and the email address will be stored with the source of “saved-search”, under 'Leads'.

🛠 Updated feature: Deployment (product update) message in the platform

If there is a new version of the product or an update is deployed, a product update message will be shown on top of the platform, asking the user to refresh the page to get the latest updates.

🛠 Improved feature: Title and name data for synced leads to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

For customers who have an active Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration through the Hotelchamp platform, the synced leads, title and name data are now also sent to the 3rd party partner’s system, if that data is available (and stored) for the generated leads.

Please note that title and name data is collected only when an “extended” double opt-in Interaction is used.

28 February 2023

🛠 Updated feature: Changes to flow for setting up TrustYou review Interactions

Review Interactions only work properly when there is an approved (matched) integration with TrustYou for the property. In order to have a prevention mechanism in the Interaction building flow (to prevent having review Interactions live with missing or pending integration), the necessary validations and checks are added:

  • If the TrustYou integration is missing for a property, upon selecting the review Interaction template, a message will pop up with this information.

  • The user can still proceed to building the Interaction; however, they will not be able to publish the Interaction, until an approved integration is in place. (They can only save the interaction as a draft.)

  • On the Interaction draft overview page, the integration status will be shown.

  • In case the TrustYou integration request is not submitted yet and the Interaction is built and saved as draft, you can request integration from the Interaction draft overview page as well.

14 February 2023

🛠 Improved feature: Title and name data for synced leads to Revinate and Mailchimp

For customers who have an active Revinate or Mailchimp integration through the Hotelchamp platform, the synced leads, title and name data are now also sent to the 3rd party partner’s system, if that data is available (and stored) for the generated leads.

Please note that title and name data is collected only when an “extended” double opt-in Interaction is used.

16 January 2023

🛠 Improved feature: Customisable success message for Saved Search Interaction

In order to improve the user (visitor) experience, after consenting to a saved search Interaction, a success/submit message will be displayed, before the Interaction disappears.

This text can now be customised in the saved search Interaction’s configuration panel in the Interaction building steps.

🛠 Updated feature: Updates to Interactions overview page

The Interactions overview page UI/UX has been updated. It includes:

  • An online Interaction displays on a website when it is successfully synced to the Hotelchamp back-end. When, for any possible reason, this sync does not happen, or is broken, the Interaction’s “state” changes to “not live”. It is possible to re-sync the Interaction.

    • Note: This “sync” action is only available to Admin users (Hotelchamp team members), so if you do experience this, please contact our team via live chat.

    • Note: For Interactions successfully synced, clicking on the state label will show the last time the Interaction was synced.

  • Pagination is added to the Interactions overview to display only 10 Interactions per page.

    • Note: When searching for an Interaction, still it will be performed through all existing Interactions for the property.

  • It is now possible to expand an Interaction (to see more details and all possible action buttons) when clicking on any spot on the row (instead of previously only clicking on the arrow).

    • When expanding an Interaction, the item is now better highlighted and the rest of the table is blurred.

30 December 2022

✨ New feature: Inline double opt-in newsletter subscription template

The new inline newsletter sign-up Interaction template with double opt-in functionality is live and available to Hotelchamp Convert customers. The template includes newsletter (with double opt-in functionality) and rich-text components.

On the Interactions templates page, you can find it with the name “Inline newsletter sign-up (double opt-in)”.

12 December 2022

✨ New feature: Mobile Conversion Dock template

The new mobile conversion dock Interaction is live. This is an Interaction similar to desktop docked bar with 3 main components:

  • Review (based on TrustYou integration)

  • “Book Now” button

  • And a second button to manually trigger another Integration to show.

With the mobile conversion dock Interaction, we also have a new category of Interactions introduced in the platform and Convert product, called “linked Interactions”.

✨ New feature: Mobile TrustYou review template

TrustYou review Interaction template is now available for mobile devices as well. All components and features are identical to the desktop version.

🛠 Improved feature: Saved search emails sending time

The saved search emails are now being sent immediately after the consent button in the Interaction is clicked (instead of previously sending it 1 hour after the consent, and in case a booking was not yet made).

🛠 Improved feature: Language data for leads synced to Revinate

For the customers that have an activated integration with Revinate as their email marketing system, for the synced leads the “language” data is also sent to Revinate.

🛠 Improved feature: Additional data for leads synced to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

For the leads being synced to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud system as the customer’s email marketing system, now language, Interaction name and Interaction type data is also being sent.

🛠 Updated feature: Duplicate Interaction functionality is back

The issues with Interaction duplication are fixed and the feature is now available for Interactions and Parent Interactions.

24 October 2022

🛠 Improved feature: Updated UX & UI for the Hotelchamp Platform

The updated platform with all pages, new UI and technical structure is live. Some of the important changes and highlights are:

  • Updated main navigation menu panel (grouping and namings)

  • Updated property switcher window UI

  • New interaction builder experience

  • Possibility to add personalisation conditions to each interaction, in addition to using pre-built audiences

  • New and clearer personalisation (AKA audience) building UI

  • New “Integrations” page

🛠 Improved feature: Upgraded “Analytics” in the platform

The previously named “Interaction Results” and “Website Statistics” dashboards are now completely rebuilt in the new platform and can be found on the Data & insights, Analytics page.

  • The dashboards are broken into 3 main sections (tabs): Overview, Interactions, and Properties (only for chain accounts that need a property-based breakdown of performance)

  • Under the “Overview” tab, you can find:

    • Hotelchamp-generated revenue (AKA revenue after click) for the last 12 months

    • General website statistics, for a selected date range

    • Interactions general performance (interactions views, clicks, bookings and revenue), for a selected date range

  • Under the “Interactions” tab, you can find detailed performance data for each online interaction of the selected property. In the case of chains, in the main branch, this tab will show the performance data based on parent interactions (AKA campaigns).

✨ New feature: Automatic syncing of Email Leads to linked CRM

The Hotelchamp platform is now integrated with three email marketing partners: Mailchimp, Revinate and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. As a result, the generated leads in the platform will be synced into the integrated partner’s system.

1 March 2022

🛠 Improved feature: Metasearch reporting by custom date periods

Get better visibility over your Metasearch metrics to help you measure and compare performance for your Metasearch strategy.

  • Updated reporting for Hotelchamp Metasearch has been released. In these new reports, you can see all of your Metasearch metrics, including new metrics like CTR, CVR, CPC and CPR by market.

  • In the reports, you can now select and compare custom date periods and filter results by placement (GHA and Google Ads) and by property (if multiple properties).

  • Reports are updated daily and can be accessed at any time.

18 February 2022

✨ New feature: New Hotelchamp eCommerce website templates now available

There are even more beautiful templates to choose from now in our Hotelchamp eCommerce template library!

31 January 2022

🛠 Improved feature: Open Interactions CTA button link in a new tab

Set up the CTA buttons for personalised messages to open in a new tab, without directing your potential guests away from the current page they're on. For example, show a message that links to a menu PDF or spa information page while a guest is booking—this button link will open in a new tab so the guest can still continue with their booking.

  • In Interactions, for the button component, under the button action option of “Follow the link”, you can select to open the link in the same tab (redirect the user) or open it in a new tab.

✨ New feature: Targeting based on data layer values (CRM targeting)

  • In Audiences, under “Advanced page conditions” group “CRM datalayer” condition is added.

  • You can define the data layer property and the value to be compared to.

  • This can be used to set targeting rules based on users’ profile data like membership level, date of birth, last stay dates in the hotel, etc. (depending on the data stored and available).

8 November 2021

🛠 Improved feature: Rich-text editor fonts selection list

  • For Convert Interactions, in the rich-text component, it is now possible to have a font selection drop-down list in the interaction builder. This will allow you to apply a selected font to a selected part of a text in the rich-text editor.

  • For configurations, in Admin > Theme Settings > Fonts, in the newly added rich-text fonts section the necessary fonts can be added.

🛠 Improved feature: Close interactions event tracking

  • In Interactions, for the button component, depending on the button action selected (Close or Follow the link) a corresponding event will be tracked; i.e. “Close” will fire a close event to Google Analytics, and “Follow the link” will send a click event.

15 October 2021

✨ New feature: Rate Beat Interaction

  • Rate Beat has been added to the Templates Library. For this Interaction, a list of discount rates and their corresponding promo codes can be defined in the interaction builder.

  • If the direct channel is undercut by OTAs, the first (lowest) discount rate that will match or beat the lowest OTA price will be applied to the direct price.

  • In the interaction, the website visitor will see a discounted direct price and a promo code that can be applied or copied to the payment page.

  • Note: If the direct price is still higher than OTA prices after applying any of the discount rates defined in the interaction builder, the interaction will not be triggered.

  • Note: If the direct price is lower than the OTA prices without the application of a discount rate, the Rate Beat interaction will be almost similar to the price comparison interaction.

🛠 Improved feature: Resetting website templates

  • For eCommerce customers, it is now possible to reset a website template and select a new one. Once confirmed to reset, all the information of the existing website will be deleted and they can restart from the website template selection step.

  • Users can reset their website template from the Home page, website overview section.

  • Note: The website template can be reset only before the website is published.

30 August 2021

🛠 Improved feature: Saved search interaction can now be used higher in the booking funnel

  • The saved search interaction logic is updated to make it possible to trigger the interaction higher in the booking funnel (with just the check-in and check-out dates entered by the users) based on the URL targeting settings.

  • An email input field is added to the saved search interactions, which will be auto-filled if the user’s email address is known (provided in the booking engine form). Otherwise, the user should enter the email address manually and consent to save their search and receive an email.

  • For unknown variables (not provided by the user, e.g. room type or price) the default values set in the email template will be displayed in the email.

16 August 2021

🛠 Improved feature: Saved search email templates saved per interaction

  • Saved search email templates used to be created per property (branch); i.e. each property could have only one saved search email template (with multiple languages, where necessary).

  • The structure for saved search email templates are updated, and now each property (branch) can have multiple saved search email templates, and an interaction ID can be linked to each template.

🛠 Improved feature: TrustYou integration request flow

  • It is now possible to request integration and fully set up a review interaction (based on TrustYou integration) in the platform, for customers that do not yet have an integration in place.

  • In Interactions, when selecting a TrustYou-based interaction template, the user can submit a request for integration with TrustYou for the property (branch).

  • The request status can be checked in Admin, Settings.

  • The review interaction can be customized and created only once the TrustYou integration request is approved.

5 July 2021

✨ New feature: Interaction duplication feature

  • In Interactions, it is now possible to duplicate interactions (both parent and property), which will copy the design and targeting settings of the original interaction and create a new interaction. The action is added to the drop-down list of interactions edit button.

✨ New feature: Filters for Interactions in the Template Library

  • Quickly and easily find the template you need with new filters in the Template Libary. Filter by device type, purpose, offer type, pages and guest segment.

7 June 2021

🎨 UI Improvements: Tools are renamed to “Interactions” all over the platform

  • Our mission is to help you get closer to your guests—and part of this means helping you with engaging and interacting with your website visitors. We've chosen the name "Interactions" with a focus on the human experience behind the website visit.

🎨 UI Improvements: Master tools are renamed to "Parent interactions"

  • Master or chain tools are now "Parent interactions".

  • URLs that contained the outdated terms for this structure have been updated.

✨ New feature: Design settings for all Interactions

  • In Admin, Theme Settings, a new “Design” tab is added where for each website the overall design styles (background colour, font colour, etc.) can be set up. The settings will be applied to the corresponding component in the interaction. This feature will help to reduce the manual work of making design style setups per each interaction.

✨ New feature: Deployment notification message

  • Once a new version of the platform is deployed on production, logged in users will be notified with a message and will be asked to refresh the page to load the changes and new version.

🛠 Improved feature: Online interactions statuses and preview button

  • In Interactions, Online Interactions, the published state of the online interactions (live or in-preview) will be displayed in a separate column. The preview link (and thus, the Hotelchamp debugger) will be accessed with a button that will be always available (even if all the interactions are published live).

🛠 Improved feature: Overall corners settings applied to inline interactions

  • The value set for “Overall corners” in Theme settings, Design of a website is now also applied to the inline interactions of that website.

10 May 2021

✨ New feature: Right-to-left language support in interactions

  • Interactions now fully support the right-to-left languages. When creating an interaction, and you select an RTL language (right to left language, e.g. Arabic or Hebrew) all components in all types of interactions are aligned as it would be correct for these languages; i.e. the bullet points (lists), close button position, tables, countdown timer are adjusted and realigned accordingly.

  • The support is also added to all text input fields in the interaction setting windows.

26 April 2021

🛠 Improved feature: Offline action for in-preview interactions

  • In Interactions, it is now possible to move Online in-preview interactions to Offline directly with a corresponding action added to the drop-down list (instead of previously having to publish these interactions live first and then move them to offline, or edit and then save them as draft).

19 April 2021

🛠 Improved feature: Margin setting for inline messages

  • For inline messages, it is now possible to define the top and bottom margins in the widget setting panel. With the set up made, the interactions will have the correct paddings from the existing elements on your hotel's website.

🛠 Improved feature: Multiple font links per font family

  • In Theme Settings, for custom fonts, it is now possible to add multiple font URLs per font family created. Thus, you can add the links of the font family for different browsers. Per browser, the first one loaded will be executed.

15 March 2021

✨ New feature: Colour picker for added to the rich-text editor

  • The rich-text component in interactions is now more customisable; i.e. a colour picker is added to the rich-text editor window which makes it possible to have custom colours for selected text sections. Note: The default text colour is still defined by “Font Colour”, and the new colour picker is to set the colour for the selected text section on top of the default one.

🛠 Improved feature: Traditional and Simplified Chinese language support in the new interaction builder

  • In the new interaction builder, new support is implemented for Simplified Chinese (zh-hans) and Traditional Chinese (zh-hant) languages. The languages can be selected from the language dropdown menu in the interaction edit page. For websites with mentioned languages, the correct interaction with correct language will be displayed.

🛠 Improved feature: Customisable minimised mobile message icon positioning

  • For mobile messages, in the “Minimize” view icon editor, vertical and horizontal offset setting fields are added. This makes it possible to make the icon positioning more customisable (in addition to the general four positions available in the drop-down menu), and addresses the issue of minimised interaction icons covering important elements on a website.

🛠 Improved feature: Property name added to Demand Tracker exports

  • The property name has been added to the Demand Products which can now help users identify the right data for the right property in an export. This can also be achieved by editing the title of the export while setting up a schedule.

2 February 2021

🛠 Improved feature: Font styles can be adjusted per language

  • In order to make it possible to have different font settings for different languages, in Theme Settings, you can create a language group (and select the included languages) and define the font styles that should be applied to those languages in interactions.

8 December 2020

✨ New feature: New Monthly Performance Reports released

  • We've updated our monthly reports to give you more insight into your interaction and website performance.

The new reporting additions help you to track performance and also measure interaction engagement over time, including:

  • The number of voucher requests and promo code copies

  • Revenue % changes per interaction compared with the previous month

  • The number of bookings and revenue after widget interactions

  • Total interaction results for the past 12 months

16 June 2020

🛠 Improved feature: Geo-targeting options have been increased

  • Using the Hotelchamp geo-targeting audience conditions, it is now possible to target 107,111 cities, 3,409 regions and 249 countries.

20 May 2020

✨ New feature: Hotelchamp Leads has been released

  • Email addresses from voucher requests (with permission) will appear in Leads (in menu Interactions → Leads). Users can download email addresses from now on in a CSV file (and e.g. upload in their CRM).

8 May 2020
🎨 Conversion Insights dashboard optimised for significantly faster loading time

  • The queries in the conversion insights dashboard have been optimised and updated, so the loading time for this dashboard has improved.

28 April 2020
🛠 Improvements to the dropdown for main branch ID under 'Superuser' (Hotelchamp use only)

  • Used by Hotelchamp team in account set-up.

23 April 2020
🎨 Demand tracker layout and column titles consistency has been released

  • All colours for room-type demand and day of the week demand are aligned.

  • Session title is changed into ‘Room Type Searches’ and date for room type demand.

22 April 2020
🛠 Looker dashboard settings moved to website overview (Hotelchamp use only)

  • The settings have moved under the website form in the Admin panel. Looker is now connected to a website and not a user.

21 April 2020
🛠 Property URLs have been released to the platform (Hotelchamp use only)

  • Property URLs are for identifying properties on centralised chain websites.

  • Used for reporting and Demand Tracker set up.

✨ New feature: Demand Tracker date filter has been released

  • Date filter enables the user to select specific dates or date ranges.

🎨 Demand Tracker text wrapping in column titles has been released

  • Column titles in the demand tracker table are now auto-sized to fit the screen.

20 April 2020
New feature: Demand Tracker for chains has been released

  • Main domain shows aggregated results on parent level (the grand total of all website date searches).

  • When switching to a specific property of that chain, you will see the demand tracker with date searches only for that property.

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