"Bleisure" stands for business trips that were extended for leisure purposes.

The Importance of Bleisure Travel

Hotelchamp Data:

Looking at a sample of over 100 hotel's data we broke-down the stays of solo travellers who we assume to be more likely to be business travellers based on when they arrive and depart. 

We divided the solo traveller into four segments based on what day of the week they arrive and what day they depart:

  • Pure business, where the stay is strictly weekdays, makes up 37% of all stays -these visitors we can up sell longer stays, the focus of this article..
  • Pure leisure, where the stay is strictly weekends, makes up 21% of stays.
  • The remaining 41% of visitors' stays include both a weekend and a weekday,  which we assume as bleisure stays. 

Expedia Survey 

According to research by Expedia Group, 43% of survey respondents extended their business trips for leisure (making them bleisure trips). 

  • Domestic business trips:  42% bleisure
  • International business trips: 52% bleisure

Expedia Group found that 84% of bleisure travellers stay at the same hotel for the business and leisure parts of their stay. 

A Bleisure Campaign with Hotelchamp:

Target solo visitors checking-out on a Friday or Thursday (or checking-in on a Monday or Sunday). After they've searched their dates, you can display a promo code or voucher to encourage them to extend their stay. 

As we know the visitor will extend their stay to enjoy the city, you should consider offering complimentary (but low cost) add-ons to enhance their leisure part of their stay. 

For example:

  • Tickets to museums or galleries
  • Drinks in your hotel's bar
  • Transport 
  • Breakfast for the weekend days
  • Local experiences (e.g. tours)
  • Bike or car hire 

Revenue Logic

Using Hotelchamp's targeted messaging for bleisure travellers is powerful because:

  • If a visitor changes their dates after seeing the message, you know that this was because of the message, as they had already selected the dates they wanted.
  • Therefore, any added nights should be seen as pure additional revenue.
  • You can offer more to encourage people to extend their stay than normal, because there is no opportunity cost (the visitor would not have booked those extra nights without an offer). 

At the same time, consider that:  

  • You can still optimise the offer based on how reactive your audience is to different types of offers. If you see a low extend-rate (% that extend), then extend your offer.  
  • You should also consider how likely it is that your hotel will sell-out on those days of the week. If you up-sell a business traveller to add a Saturday night, but the hotel is always at 100% occupancy on Saturday, then giving offers is counter-productive to your revenue strategy.  

Hotelchamp Targeting

  1. Target visitors checking-out on Friday or Thursday
  2. Target visitors checking-in on Monday or Sunday to add Sunday or Saturday
  3. Alternatively, if you think a business traveller may take a holiday day for their bleisure trip, consider targeting all visitors who are checking-in and checking-out on a weekday. 

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