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Quick Summary

Hotelchamp's BCC functionality allows a hotel to be notified in advance if a website visitor has requested an email voucher. BCC functionality is recommended for direct booking benefits that need to be prepared in advance like an in-room amenity, or guaranteed room upgrade, as it gives your hotel advance notice. 

How it works - BCC

Read the privacy and GDPR section before using this functionality.

  1. When a website visitor requests the e-reward, an email will be sent confirming the promotional offer. In this email, the hotel can be BCC’d (blind carbon copy), meaning that a copy of the email is sent to the hotel. The website visitor does not see that the hotel is in BCC, and will only see the no-reply email address. 
  2. The reservation team will therefore receive: (a.) The e-reward the website visitor requested such as guaranteed room upgrade; (b.) the email address of the website visitor. 
  3. The reservations team can then wait 24 hours and check in their system if this visitor has made a booking. The e-reward is only valid for 24 hours after receiving the email. Therefore if the user books within this timeframe, the reservation team will find the reservation and can add a note to it. 

How to setup

  1. In the email template you have used (which can be found from the main menu Admin > Email Templates), click on the HTML Editor tab

2. In the BCC field (see above screenshot), enter the email you wish for the emails to be BCC'd

3. The BCC method involves sharing the email address of the visitor with the hotel. Due to the GDPR laws, it is vital that you add a special check-box for European visitors to the voucher message itself.

Go to the voucher component in the tool editor:

Then tick "include permission checkbox" and "checkbox required."

Suggested Text for the "checkbox label":

 I consent to share my email address with the hotel (you will receive only 1 email)

Privacy Note:

It is also vital that these emails are used strictly for the purposes of preparing the reward, and not used for any other purposes such as marketing. 

Hotelchamp recommends deleting these emails after making the note in the reservation system. 

Note: geo-targeting can be used to target European visitors with a check-box, and non European visitors without a check-box. 

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use lead-time targeting, so that only visitors searching 2 days or more in advance are targeted with the voucher messages. By doing so you can reduce the frequency that you need to check the emails. 
  • Add a note in the email sent to guests that their voucher is only valid if they book in the next 24 hours. By doing this you only need to check to see if that email booked 24 hours later once, rather than multiple days. 

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