To track your performance, please make sure you have e-commerce and cross-domain tracking in place. 

E-commerce tracking

Enabling e-commerce tracking is important and requires working together with your booking engine provider. Once your booking engine has installed Google's e-commerce script you can see how much revenue your website is generating. Without e-commerce tracking, you would only see clicks but no revenue generated through these clicks in your Google Analytics data and also your Hotelchamp reports.

Go to your Google Analytics account and look for Conversions > E-commerce > Overview. Do you see data on the screen?

a. Yes, there is data being tracked: 

(photo: correct e-commerce)

That's great! Your e-commerce is set up correctly. Now make sure you check if you have cross-domain tracking as well (go to step 2).

b. No, there is no data being tracked:

If you see the text as in the image above, this means your e-commerce section has to be enabled in your GA account. Follow the video to enable your e-commerce:

If after you have enabled the e-commerce you still can't see data being tracked, this means you need to implement the e-commerce script in your booking engine's backend. Click on the button below to learn how to conduct this implementation.

Cross-domain tracking

Cross-domain tracking allows you to track a visitors journey from your website to your booking engine accurately. Without cross-domain tracking, a visitors journey would end once they leave your website and they would be counted again as new visitor once they land on your booking engine. Implementing cross-domain tracking is important for the reliability of your Google Analytics data and requires working together with your web developer and booking engine provider to implement the script.

a. This is already implemented for my website and booking engine 

That's great! This means you have completed your tracking enablement! 

b. This is not implemented yet

This means that the cross-domain tracking script needs to be implemented on your website's backend and also on your booking engine's backend. Click on the button below to access a step-by-step on how to proceed. 

There are a number of ways to see if the cross-domain script isn't in place yet on your website and booking engine. One of the quickest ways is to search within the "Inspect > Elements" of your website for the cross-domain script and choosing a phrase from the script such as "allowlinker" to check for results.

For more questions about this topic, you can ask a question through the Hotelchamp Platform chat or contact [email protected]

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