If you'd like to capture your website visitors' names and titles as well as their email addresses, you can now choose an extended form for your newsletter interactions.

In case of choosing the extended option, in addition to the “Email” field, “Name” and “Title” fields will be added to the interaction.

Note: Currently this feature is only possible with "Newsletter"template. It will be possible with the other email capture templates soon.

In order to use the extended form:

  1. Go to "Template Library"

  2. Select "Exit newsletter sign-up (double opt-in)" template

  3. Click on the "Enter your email" field and you'll see the additional fields as "Name Field Label", "Name Placeholder", "Title Field Label" and "Title Placeholder"

  4. Fill in the placeholders as you like and scroll down to select "Extended input options" to make the additional fields visible on the preview

  5. This is how it looks like when you selected extended input options

  6. Save your settings/publish your interaction and you're done!

    For more questions about this topic, you can ask a question through the Hotelchamp Platform chat or contact [email protected]

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