By setting up a saved search interaction, you can allow your website visitors to save their search via an email reminder. The saved search is an opt-in message and therefore the user must provide consent in order to receive the booking reminder via their inbox. The reminder will be sent within an hour after consent submission unless the user completed their booking within this window.

With our latest update, it is now possible to not only target users on the last step of their booking process, but also at an earlier stage of their booking journey. What does that look like: an email input field has been added to the saved search interaction to allow users to enter their email address and receive an email reminder, even without having selected a room.

In order to have a saved search interaction up and running on your website, you need to select the proper interaction template and simply contact us through the chat to have the email template set up.

In order to build the template:

  1. Go to Template Library and select "Saved Search opt-in" template

  2. We recommend using the suggested text within the saved search opt-in template and to then adjust the design and positioning of the message as wished. On this step, you can also contact us within the chat by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right corner of the page. With this way, we'll be creating the email template for you.

    Note: We are now able to support websites with multiple booking engines. Saved search email templates used to be created per property (branch); i.e. each property could have only one saved search email template (with multiple languages, where necessary). The structure for the saved search email templates has been updated, and now each property (branch) can have multiple saved search email templates, and an interaction ID can be linked to each template.

  3. Once you're done with adjusting the content and the design of the interaction template click on "Save and continue" to set up the page and audience targeting.

  4. Select your preference for the page and audience targeting. Your page targeting should always contain your booking engine URLs. Once you completed the targeting, click on "Save and continue" and then select "Save For Preview".

  5. After saving your saved search interaction as preview, the next step is connecting your interaction with its specific email template which should be created by Hotelchamp. Once you request it through our chat in the platform, we will start creating the template for you and ensure the connection between the saved search interaction and the email template.

  6. Once you hear from us that your email template has been assigned to your saved search interaction then it will be ready to be published. After previewing it on your website, you can publish it.

    For more questions about this topic, you can ask a question through the Hotelchamp Platform chat or contact [email protected]

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