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How to choose between Klook or Tiqets for your hotel?
How to choose between Klook or Tiqets for your hotel?

How to decide which option is best for your hotel and guests

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In a competitive landscape, we are seeing that OTAs are moving more into the world of offering experiences. We know that hoteliers are the experts in their city's and we want to help you provide this expertise and an exceptional experience to your guests. This is why we've partnered with Klook and Tiqets, so that you can offer an extra gift when guest book directly on your website.

Klook and Tiqets both offer great deals on local attractions and experiences, and as a client of Hotelchamp, we have an exclusive promo code that you can pass on to your guests once they reach the confirmation page. To help you easily make your decision of whether you should choose Tiqets or Klook, here's a quick overview of our two partners:

Once you've decided whether you want to use Tiqets or Klook, follow our handy guides on how to set up the campaigns (make sure you log in to Hotelchamp so that you can view the following articles):

️For more questions about this topic, you can ask a question through the Hotelchamp Platform chat or contact [email protected].

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